TLAP and London SDS Forum - direct payment support services

Last autumn the Forum put together a survey asking some basic questions about what direct payments support services were doing in their work. This was in response to ongoing questions and discussion from our members about how support offered differed widely in different areas and also often depended on services doing additional work, above and beyond what they were paid for. 

Having used it with our members with were please that TLAP asked to use the same survey and we worked together with them to send it across England. 

The results of this are now available - see Martin Walker's presentation attached.

It is a quick snapshot across many areas of direct payment service work - in some areas we know the issues need much more teasing out to give a more accurate picture.

We always saw it as the start of a conversation and leading on to much more in-depth look at the role of these services, the work that they do, their skills and experience and their value.

Do have a look, share the survey around and share your thoughts with us and Martin - and 


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