Coronavirus (COVID-19) Staying Safe

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Key Workers

The Department of Health and Social Care has confirmed that personal assistants (PAs) are included in the definition of key workers. If your PA is being challenged as to whether or not they are a key worker, they should follow the steps below:

  • contact their direct payment provider (for example your local dp support service or your local authority or care your commissioning group) to ask if they have a letter or something that validates the PA is a key worker.

This will allow all PAs access to Keys Workers rights.

If you require a templated letter please contact us through the Contact us page on our website.


A direct payment holder or any member of their household is symptomatic or has a confirmed case of COVID-19, and their PA is providing direct care, PPE is required, and the PA, as an essential worker, will be eligible to receive that. Where the budget is set to purchase PPE this should continue. If not, the Local Authority or Clinical Commissioning Group should provide assistance. 


You have been identified as a frontline worker, delivering vital services. You contacted your employer, requesting a test for coronavirus. Getting tested is important, so you can have clarity on whether you or a family member, has the coronavirus and then you can either return to work or continue to isolate yourself and your household.

You are eligible for a test because:

  • you have coronavirus symptoms – a new continuous cough or high temperature and are following government guidelines on self-isolating; or
  • a member of your household has coronavirus symptoms meaning you are self-isolating in line with government guidelines

The test will take place at one of our Regional Test Sites. The sites operate a drive-through model, meaning you or a member of your household must drive to the site. We regret that we cannot test people who arrive on foot, take public transport or a taxi. People will also need access to a smartphone, in order to scan your test kits barcode in order to receive your results.

Please complete your registration using this online form[1]. It is important you complete all of the fields accurately.

Who from your household takes this test?

You are a frontline worker who is self-isolating because you are displaying symptoms, meaning you are eligible to take this test.

You are a frontline worker who is self-isolating because someone else in your household is displaying symptoms, and that person is over the age of 18, then they are eligible to take the test.

You are a frontline worker who is self-isolating because an under 18-year-old in your household is displaying symptoms then they are eligible to take the test. A parent or guardian must perform the swab test on 5-11-year olds. 12-18-year olds can perform the test on themselves. The test is unsuitable for under-fives. This test would still take place at a Regional Test Site.