Coronavirus (COVID-19) Money Matters

DP Guidance and Q&A

You may be aware that Covid-19 direct payment guidance has been published. The guidance includes questions and answers. It is intended for adults in England with direct payments and personal and health budgets.

A copy can be found on the link below.

Feedback on COVID19 Direct Payment Guidance - deadline extended

The Government is keen to ensure the guidance works for everyone and to do this they are inviting you to comment and make suggestions on any areas of improvement.

The deadline is Sunday 10th May and Think local act personal - TLAP will be coordinating all your feedback. If you would like to contribute please email

As a direct result of the Forums session on 22nd April we were invited to provide a small group of representatives to attend a workshop with Disability Rights UK, TLAP and In control. 

Personal Health Budgets

  • anyone with an NHS or local authority email address can have access to the Collaborative Network at (see logo just below which has an embedded link). They need only request access/register, again, at: (which is the full link to the COVID-19 resource itself
  • Encourage professionals in health and social care to access the Collaborative Network since we have a whole new COVID-19 webpage full of resources on PHBs and COVID-19
  •  is our public-facing page for clinician
  • Anyone with an existing PHB should contact their CCG or care coordinator/case manager in the first instance
  • As you may know, the Long Term Plan and some aspects of our programme are now paused. What this means is that the default position of PHBs in continuing health care (CHC) for, example, is paused. The priority is to focus on existing PHBs to ensure they remain viable and that the PHB holder can recruit and retain PAs, should they use PAs, and be able to access all the support and services they need to with their PHB. Our work to roll out, expand and deliver numbers to hit the annual ambitions is also paused. CCGs can still offer PHBs.

If you have any questions please contact