TLAP survey

In Autumn 2017 the Forum put together a survey asking some basic questions about what direct payments support services were doing in their work. This was in response to ongoing questions and discussion from our members about how support offered differed widely in different areas and also often depended on services doing additional work, above and beyond what they were paid for. 

Having used it with our members with were please that TLAP asked to use the same survey and we worked together with them to send it across England. 

The results of this are now available - see Martin Walker's summary attached.

It is a quick snapshot across many areas of direct payment service work - in some areas we know the issues need much more teasing out to give a more accurate picture.

We always saw it as the start of a conversation and leading on to much more in-depth look at the role of these services, the work that they do, their skills and experience and their value.

Do have a look, share the survey around and share your thoughts with us and Martin - and

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Conference report 2017

The report of our conference in July is now available! In the member's area you'll find an article with presentations and now also the report.

It was a good day, made possible by the hard work of our committee and the invaluable support of our sponsors, David Howard payroll and Mark Bates Ltd. We think the report really brings the discussion to life again and offers valuable information and insight. Have a read yourself and let us know what you think!

You'll need your member's log-in and password - if you're struggling with this let us know and we'll help out.



Our survey of Direct Payments Support Services

We're doing a survey about direct payment support services (DPSS). It’s based on the work we’ve done over the last year about what support services do. Members told us that often DPSSs were doing tasks that they weren't paid for in order to make the system work for the individual. Or that support services were being prevented from doing vital tasks by the nature of their contract.

Anyone who knows about a direct payment support service can complete it. You do not have to work in one - you just need to know about it. 

Please complete it if you can and pass on to colleagues in neighbouring areas. The more responses we get the more useful it will be. It should take about 10 minutes.

A survey summary will be presented at a future Forum meeting.

Thanks very much!

Conference, July '17

delegates listen to speakers
chair and two speakers

The presentations from our conference are available now - see our member's page.

You'll need to be logged in - if you've forgotten your password you can reset it through the website.  If you've never had access to the website please let us know. We'll drop you an email explaining how to get in. 



Follow up from 2017 conference

Dawn Wakeling presents
Simon Stockton presents
delegate asks a question
Networking and discussion



At our conference leading experts in self directed support presented and debated about the theory and practice of integration.  



We had a great great range of speakers including Dawn Wakeling (Director of Adult Social Services, LB Barnet); Simon Stockton (Integrated Personal Commissioning lead for London, NHS England); Belinda Schwehr (Care and Health Law);  Katherine Wynne and Roger Lightbown (Independent Lives) and David Ashley (Mark Bates Ltd.).



You missed a good day if you aren't a member yet! You need not miss out altogether however, if you join us as a member - the presentations will then be available to you on the member's page. There is also a report being written as we speak, which will be available early August.



Here are a few images from the day.





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