About the Forum

Active for over 20 years, since direct payments began, the Forum has always been a network for workers who deal with frontline issues in social and health care. We represent the value of practical experience and seek to bring together best practice, research and policy developments.

Aims of the Forum

Our aims are:

  • To spread and share best practice among London's direct payment support services, support planners, brokers and self-directed support staff in local authorities and clinical commissioning groups as well as in the voluntary and independent sectors. 
  • To support the take-up of self-directed support throughout London and nationally by encouraging and developing professional excellence in its members.
  •  To support the development of genuine routes to independence for all recipients of self-directed support in the 33 London boroughs and nationally, through open and honest cooperation of its members.
  • To strive to be an independent voice in the field nationally, accurately reflecting the reality of the provision of self-directed support in London and nationally by means of conferences, training events, surveys and reports.

The Committee

The Forum is managed by a committee of Directors elected annually by members.

The current committee are:

Pat Stack, Chair.

Andrew Richardson, Treasurer.

Jenny Hurst

Jackie Jones

Ann Burrows

Deni Nygate


Coordinator: Rosemary Lamport.